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PAN Card Status

PAN Card Status

With the help of computers and Internet, it is very easy to keep the track of PAN Card status. There is no need to wait for PAN Card without having the idea of its state. The technology and internet makes it possible for the applicant to check the status of PAN Card from time to time without any extra efforts. There is no need of any particular document to track the PAN Card. What one needs is the acknowledgement number received at the time of submission of the PAN application form, the PAN application number, Coupon number etc. Only the basic details of the PAN card application form are enough for checking the status of PAN Card.

Track your PAN/TAN Application Status

Please select type of application:
  Application Type
Acknowledgement Number
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name/Surname
Date of Birth/Incorporation/
Agreement/Partnership or
Trust Deed/Formation of
Body of Individuals/Association of Persons
*(Name should be as mentioned in the application form. Applicants other than 'Individuals' should write their name in the field for Last Name/Surname only)
Note: Applicant should search for the status of PAN application using Name and Date Of Birth 24 hours after the application has been submitted online or through TIN-FC

The given piece provides all detail about tracking the PAN Card status.

Simple Steps To Make Enquiry About The PAN Card Are As Follows:

  1. Visit website
  2. Next one needs to click on application type as New Application (F49a).
  3. Then one needs to enter application number in the given box.
  4. Then fill the coupon number (if you have any).
  5. Then applicant needs to enter the applicant’s name.
  6. After this submit the info by clicking on submit link.

This would be followed by another screen with the title Track your PAN Card. The screen would include all the details required to track the PAN Card status including Application number, Coupon number, applicant’s name, date of dispatch, details of dispatch, mode of delivery and consignment number and status of the card.

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